About Adarsh

Founded in 2007, with the motto of connecting everyone to a very stable and high speed wireless broadband service, Adarsh Infosolutions started in Shirpur in a small office.

The definition of broadband services is changing. Wi-Fi and broadband was once about a highspeed connection to the Internet at home. Now it’s about a connection wherever you need it. Customers need speed and mobility to stay connected to essential information, content and services. Adarsh Infosolutions is an industry leader in providing broadband services that keep people Connected at home and on the go.

We are backed by a powerful set of network engineers and employees. When it comes to wireless internet provider, we are the best. We provide wireless internet, hotspot creation, Wi-Fi automation for hospitals schools organizations office etc. Adarsh Infosolutions is a Wi-Fi provider with the aim of providing excellent public internet access services to millions of people that use Internet for fun or business use. It provides easy to use, ultra-fast and always-available broadband access no matter the location.

At Adarsh Infosolutions , our vision is to have everyone everywhere and anytime connected to the internet at ultrafast speed and affordable prices. Our mission is to be a world class internet service provider to deliver high quality Wi-Fi broadband internet at the lowest cost possible. We are committed to partnering with businesses to give their customers Wi-Fi broadband internet services they want, at the quality they deserve. We are Adarsh Infosolutions .

Message from the CEO

I am pleased to welcome you to Adarsh Infosolutions . Adarsh Infosolutions is changing the way customers think about internet & broadband in our state. We are also constantly striving to extend the reach, capabilities and service offerings of Adarsh Infosolutions . Adarsh Infosolutions is a company that is changing the face of internet for the state of Maharashtra through its safe, smart and efficient infrastructure. Something we have been doing consistently since last few years.

Our progressive thinking and creative approach is what makes us stand out from the crowd. It’s why we consistently win the trust and why so many of our clients keep coming back to us. We have a clear vision of what we need to deliver – high speed internet access with absolutely zero downtime ; and we guide our business using five core values – lead, grow, deliver, sustain and protect. I’m proud of the work we do and give you my personal commitment that we will deliver what we promise and do it safely and sustainably. Adarsh Infosolutions ’s top priority has always been — and remains — providing high quality internet services and exceeding customer service expectations.

Adarsh Infosolutions ’s experienced and professional technical and sales team is fully dedicated to delivering reliable, cost-effective and flexible solutions to customers. At Adarsh Infosolutions , we will continue to enable our customers to expect more from us by enhancing our service offerings and meeting our customers’ evolving needs.

Your Sincerely,

Mahesh Shisode

Adarsh Infosolutions (P) Limited